Robeson County Partnership for Children, Inc. Staff

Jessica Lowery Clark, Ph.D.
Executive Director 910.738.6767

Tim Little
Fund Development Director
910.738.6767 ext. 221

Kari Maynor
Operations Director
910.738.6767 ext. 226

Rhiannon Chavis-Wanson
Program Director
910.738.6767 ext. 245

Lindsay Mejia
Contract & Finance Manager
910.738.6767 ext. 224

Erika Nolley
NC Pre-K Manager
910.738.6767 ext. 285

Stacie Kinlaw
Community Engagement Assistant Director
910-738-6767 ext. 290

Sara Hardin
Community Engagement Coordinator
910.738.6767 ext. 229

Victoria Meggison
Program Specialist
910.738.6767 ext. 286

Emily Jones
Quality Enhancement Specialist
910-738-6767 ext. 238

Ashley Lambert
Resource Center Coordinator
910-738-6767 ext. 295

Diana Strickland
NC Pre-K Coordinator
910.738.6767 ext. 292

Wendy Allen
Operations Associate
910.738.6767 ext. 288

Tandrel Lennon
Child Care Health Consultant
910.738.6767 ext. 240

LaQuanda Regan
Evaluation Associate
910.738.6767 ext. 241

Amanda Lovette
Quality Enhancement Senior Specialist
910.738.6767 ext. 297

Mabel Eddings

Robert Brock
Facility Assistant

Iola Moore
Facility Assistant

Delois Buie
Facility Assistant

Donna Hall
Exploration Station Coordinator
910.738.6767 ext. 298

Nicole Brown
Program Coordinator
910.738.6767 ext. 291

Harley Brixey
Exploration Station Assistant

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